Youth Assembly 2023

Youth Assembly 2023

Youth Assembly 2023

Youth Assembly 2023: Join the Transformation

Youth Assembly 2023 - Join the Transformation : Welcome to the Youth Assembly 2023 your gateway to becoming a driving force in a transformative movement! Here's your chance to not only be a part of change but to actively contribute, engage with influential leaders, and truly make a difference. Take this opportunity to be a catalyst for progress by registering today.
Be a Part of Ministerial Discussions : Imagine yourself in discussions alongside ministers and influential thought leaders. Your insights, ideas, and perspectives hold immense value, and this platform is designed to amplify your voice. By registering, you secure your place in these extraordinary discussions where your thoughts can shape policies, innovations, and decisions.
Embark on an Inspiring Journey : Upon registering, you embark on an inspiring journey that leads to a final interview. This interview is your chance to showcase your unique vision, unwavering passion, and innovative ideas. Our esteemed jury will assess your contributions and select winners based on merit. Your thoughts and perspectives can stand out and pave the way for real change.
Celebrate Your Impact : Chosen by the jury, will be recognized and honored with prestigious awards. These accolades celebrate your dedication, creativity, and impact. Be prepared to see your efforts acknowledged on a significant platform.
Make Your Mark for Change : Participation is not just about being a spectator; it's about sharing your voice, contributing your ideas, and being an active part of a movement dedicated to change and progress. Your registration isn't just a formality - it's the first step towards a remarkable journey of empowerment, growth, and making your mark on the country.
Don't Miss Out! This is your moment to shine and drive change. The Youth Assembly 2023 offers an incredible opportunity for you to connect with leaders, share your thoughts, and actively contribute to shaping a better future. Secure your spot now and be part of a movement that's set to redefine what's possible. Your journey begins with registration - don't miss out!

Register Now Join us in shaping a brighter future through the Youth Assembly 2023. Your voice matters, your ideas are valuable, and your potential is limitless. Let's come together to make a difference and leave a legacy of positive change. Don't hesitate - your transformative journey begins with a single registration.

Youth Assembly 2023: Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility: Participants must be aged between 16 to 25 years as of the date of registration.

2. Available Seats: A total of 1000 seats will be available for participants to register and engage in the Youth Assembly 2023.

3. Identity Proof: Participants must provide a valid Aadhaar card as mandatory identity proof during registration.

4. Selection Process: The jury will select candidates for various positions, including Chief Minister (CM), Deputy Chief Minister (Deputy CM), 147 Members of

Legislative Assembly (MLAs), 25 ministers, and speakers, from the pool of participants.

5.Training: Selected participants will undergo a three-day training program conducted by experts in relevant fields. The training sessions will equip participants with essential skills, knowledge, and insights required for their respective roles.

6. Selection of Winners: The jury will evaluate participants based on merit and select the first, second, and third place winners from the entire participant pool. These winners will be recognized and felicitated by distinguished chief guests.

7.Participation Certificate: All participants who attend the Youth Assembly 2023 will receive a participation certificate as a token of appreciation.

8.Media Coverage: The entire event, including the training sessions, discussions, and awards ceremony, will be covered by the media for promotional and coverage purposes.

9.Awareness and Educational Purpose: The primary goal of the Youth Assembly 2023 is to create awareness and provide participants with a complete understanding of the assembly system. It aims to educate the youth about the legislative processes, governance, and their role as responsible citizens